Notable Clips

A film I created in collaboration with Blue Magnolia Films in celebration of the Mississippi Bicentennial. It explains how my weekly humor column, Swipe Right, started.

What do Reba McEntire and a Muslim USM student have in common? (Published by The Sun Herald)

Muslim USM student tries her luck on Tinder (Published by The Sun Herald and 33 other newspapers across the United States and Cuba)

Shin Yu Pai Talks Publishing, Design, and Poetry as Balm (Published by SPINE Magazine)

SPINE Podcast, Bonus Episode: Jasmin Kaur (Published by SPINE Magazine)

Q&A with Author Adrienne Brodeur (Published by SPINE Magazine)

January Gill O’Neil, The Power of Poetry (Published by SPINE Magazine)

Devi Laskar on Creating Her Debut Novel, THE ATLAS OF REDS AND BLUES (Published by SPINE Magazine)

Nafiza Azad Discusses Writing THE CANDLE AND THE FLAME (Published by SPINE Magazine)

SPINE Podcast, Bonus Episode, Author Kris Waldherr  (Published by SPINE Magazine)

Brandy Colbert Talks Writing, Journalism, and Teaching (Published by SPINE Magazine)

Author/Designer Hafsah Faizal on Writing WE HUNT THE FLAME (Published by SPINE Magazine)

Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott on Writing SWAN SONG (Published by SPINE Magazine)

Q&A with SEA WITCH Author, Sarah Henning (Published by SPINE Magazine)

Janet McNally Explores Fairy Tales, Ballet, & Addiction in THE LOOKING GLASS (Published by SPINE Magazine)

Katharine & Elizabeth Corr on Finishing the THE WITCH’S KISS Trilogy with THE WITCH’S BLOOD (Published by SPINE Magazine)

Q&A with Author/Literary Agent Eric Smith (Published by SPINE Magazine)

Jenna Stempel-Lobell, Collaborating with T.S. Abe & Billelis for Ibi Zoboi’s Pride (Published by SPINE Magazine)