A Breath of Fresh Air

In 2016, music production major Bryce Ballinger told The Student Printz that he hoped to help “as many touring artists as possible” build their careers. Ballinger had recently left school in order to better manage his music production company Witch Trial Productions, which was thriving in spite of its shaky start just months before. Though [...]

Students engage in risky behaviors to pay for college (as seen in The Student Printz)

“You could call me a therapist,” said USM student Kristen Burke.* “Call me a violent therapist.” Under moonlight and a complete disguise that includes a racy outfit, mask and wig, Burke sheds her usually unimposing identity in order to become a dominatrix. According to Merriam-Webster, a dominatrix is “a woman who physically or psychologically dominates [...]

Food Insecurity

  In September, the Clarion Ledger published a two-part series regarding food desert in the Mississippi Delta and introduced a puzzling paradox: Citizens of the Delta, one of the world’s vastest, most fertile lands, struggle with food scarcity and its many dire consequences. Additionally, they struggle with food insecurity, a phenomenon the USDA defines as [...]