Karuna Riazi, our first Tightwires guest!

When I envisioned Tightwires last summer, I knew— because of my journalism background—I would eventually want to interview other people. Specifically, that I would want to interview other writers.

Interviews build community, and if there’s one thing I learned in my MFA, it’s that building a community is paramount to success in writing. Initial creation might occur in solitude, but nurturing an artistic practice requires throwing the door wide open. I am who I am because of the communities that nurture me.

How fitting, then, that my first Tightwires interview is with author and diversity advocate Karuna Riazi, an absolute powerhouse of a creator who becomes an invaluable part of every community she enters!

I so enjoyed reading A BIT OF EARTH, Karuna’s latest book, last month. This searing reimagining of a beloved classic is sure to be a big hit. I can’t wait for everyone else to read it too!

A BIT OF EARTH will be released next Tuesday, March 14. Preorder it now from at any of these retailers: Bookshop, IndieBound, B&N, Amazon, and don’t forget to submit your preorder receipt through Karuna’s site for preorder goodies and a chance to win a prize pack!

And in the meantime, check out my conversation with Karuna below! I had so much fun.

Interested in being a future featured guest? Let me know!

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